Terms and Conditions

Introductory Provisions

The ArtBohemia internet auction gallery is the largest marketplace for art graphics and prints in the Czech Republic. We aim to serve not only collectors, investors and art merchants, but also the general public and art lovers.

The ArtBohemia internet auction gallery is an open association of collectors and art lovers. Its operator is Dr. Vilem Stransky, Druzicova 14/983, 161 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic; Identification number ("IČO"): 15098974, Tax identification number ("DIČ"): CZ500319024 (hereinafter "the Operator").

ArtBohemia is a Czech internet server for auctioning (Auction) as well as direct sale (Gallery) of graphics via the internet, using the domains,, and Sales are are governed by the Czech Commercial Code, as amended.

Art Bohemia server users must be individuals over 18 years of age, or legal entities / corporations entitled to enter into purchase agreements.


The operator has the right to discontinue providing the services of the ArtBohemia server to any user who has violated the Terms and Conditions, for example, by failing to pay for or to accept an item, repeatedly canceling orders, etc.

The Operator is responsible for the content of ArtBohemia internet auction gallery. However, he bears no responsibility for the communication environment, meaning webhosting matters such as error-free operation and availability, modifications in color or shape, etc. The Operator cannot guarantee that the website will be fully functional at all times, and he does not accept any responsibility for failures, or liability for any consequences or losses arising therefrom. All failures are to be asserted against Webmade non-stop hotline: