How to pay - auction and gallery

1. Payment in advance

a) bank transfer

You may pay your order by bank transfer from your account to:

beneficiary: Vilem Stransky, Druzicova 14/983, 161 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
account number: 2600090408/2010
beneficiary´s bank: FIO banka, Osvobozenych politickych veznu 379, 272 01 Kladno
IBAN: CZ4420100000002600090408


b) Western Union (we recommend this procedure)

We definitely have the best experience with this manner of payment. After we work out the total and send you the invoice, you can make a local currency payment via Western Union money transfer to my address: Dr. Vilem Stransky
Druzicova 14/983
161 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic
We can collect CZK cash just minutes after you complete the transaction. It's very easy, fast and trouble-free. All we need to know is your address and WU Money Transfer Control Number [MTCN]. In both cases, the payment has to be made within 5 days from the date of sale! We will dispatch the package to you immediately, as a Printed Matter marked as a gift (Cadeau). If the agreement between Czech Mail and postal service in your country permits, we will insure the shipment.


2. Payment upon delivery

a) in cash

You pay for your order in cash when it is delivered to you by the courier service. It is also necessary to bear in mind the price of the courier service.

b) payment to the postal service against delivery (we recommend this procedure in Czech Republic)

You pay for your order when it is delivered to you by the postal service. If you choose this manner of payment, we charge a fee for the payment-against-delivery service, including insurance (refer to the price list of Czech Mail).

Unless you provide a different address where you want the item to be delivered, we will ship it to the address stated in your registration form.

How do I find out the status of my order?

Once you make an order, you may monitor its status in My ArtBohemia, My orders. This screen shows the status / stage of each order, while any change in the status is also notified to you by e-mail. The speed of delivery of the order depends on the manner of payment and delivery chosen. We dispatch the goods ordered immediately after payment has been made and within 3 working days at the latest. Dispatching may take longer in cases where the item is located in a bricks and mortar gallery.

How can the items be delivered?

a) Czech Mail
b) EMS Service
c) Ordering Abroad

1. Czech Mail

The ordered goods will be delivered to the address specified by you as an insured parcel (we recommend this procedure). It will be handed over to you by a postman at the address, if he/she finds you there, or you will collect it the post office, having received a Notice of Delivery.


2. EMS service

Another possibility is EMS service, which is faster and more expensive; it is similar to a courier service. The ordered items will be delivered to you directly to the specified address. EMS service only operates in reasonably large cities.

3. Ordering abroad

in view of higher costs and possible customs duties, we arrange this on a case-by-case basis.

How much is postage and packaging?

Postage and packaging are added to the price paid by the Buyer. Due to the character of the shipments, we charge a uniform packaging fee of CZK 90.00. The postage is set by the current price lists of Czech Mail and courier services. We insure the shipments for the price you pay.

What is the operator´s commission?

In addition to the final price, the Gallery charges a commission, including VAT, of 19%, according to § 90 of Act No. 235/2004 Coll. on Value Added Tax.

What discounts are available?

Though the prices of the works offered are mostly lower than in bricks and mortar galleries, ArtBohemia offers two types of discounts to its customers.

Quantity discount

This discount is based on the total amount of Gallery and Auction orders you made.

CZK 20.000,-   2%
CZK 50.000,-   4%
CZK 100.000,-   6%
CZK 200.000,-   8%
CZK 300.000,-   10%


Our sales / special offers

These are extraordinary discounts on selected items offered by ArtBohemia. The discount is always for a limited time; you have the opportunity to get items 50% - 80% cheaper than is usual on the art market - often these are items that, for example, have returned from an exhibition with damage to the frame, etc.

We also organize spring sales, summer sales, Christmas sales and other seasonal or occasional sales.

How to share your joy with a friend

If you want to share your happiness about a work of art you have bought, use a Mail to Friend icon (envelope) which you find among the details about every item. We recommend that you write a brief note or, at least state your name in the field provided for that purpose, so that the recipient does not think the message is spam (the message will be from

What are the guarantees made by the ArtBohemia internet auction gallery?

We guarantee the unique character of the objects. The phrase "original graphic sheet" has to be understood correctly. The originality does not mean uniqueness and non-repeatability of a drawing or a painting. Graphic sheets are printed, using the original graphic technique, in limited series, sheet by sheet. It is generally accepted (and it was also stipulated by guidelines regulating this subject in the former Czechoslovakia) that a standard number of prints for a dry point technique should be maximum of 50 pieces, for etches 100 pieces, lithographs 20 pieces, xylography, i.e. linocut and woodcut max. 400 prints. These numbers are of an indicative character, and artists often have not observed them (for tax reasons, among others). Especially in Western Europe and the US, it is perfectly usual to print out lithography in 10,000 pieces, and it is still an original graphic sheet. One of the most famous contemporary European artists, Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) had the majority of his color serigraphies printed in 10,000 pieces; despite this, we will not find a graphic sheet of this author costing less than EUR 3,500.00!

We understand that trading in art via the internet is a relatively new concept, and in many area still rather unusual. For this reason, we put our own honor on the line and guarantee the originality of the objects.

We do not sell anything unless we are convinced of its authenticity and genuineness. In the vast majority of cases, our items come from private collections; for understandable reasons, the collectors prefer to remain anonymous. Unless the owner wishes otherwise, we keep our sources confidential. Identification and description of object is carried out based on thorough investigation. For pieces of art we mention only those defects and damage that affect the artistic value. In the vast number of graphic sheets that ArtBohemia internet auction gallery offers, it may happen that we omit something in our description. If a relevant expert art historian discovers any discrepancies and confirms them in writing, we guarantee immediate refund of all costs.

Where we have catalogues of an artist's work (catalogue raisonné), we can provide interested parties with a xerox copy of the relevant page of the catalogue, with our ArtBohemia gallery certificate of genuineness. These complete catalogues are available for many personalities in the world of the avant garde, such as Braque, Buffet, Chagall, Miró, Toulouse-Lautrec, Warhol, partly Picasso. As for Czech artists, we take as a basis catalogues and monographs published by Nakladatelství československých výtvarných umělců ("Czech Fine Artists Publishers"), Klub přátel výtvarného umění ("Club of Friends of Fine Arrt"), the National Gallery, the Association of Collectors and Lovers of ExLibris, Czech Society of Bibliophiles, Association of Czech Graphics Hollar, etc. Our artists thus identified are, for example Bouda, Brunovský, Coubine (Kubín), Filla, Gutfreund, Janeček, Jiřincová, Švabinský, Tichý, Toyen, Zrzavý, etc.

Items over CZK 3,000.00 are marked with the ArtBohemia guarantee seal. The ArtBohemia gallery certificate automatically confirms the genuineness of the work offered for more expensive items, for minor items only based on agreement.