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How to shop

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How to pay - Auction and Gallery

1. payment in advance

a) bank transfer

b) via Western Union

2. payment upon delivery

a) in cash

b) payment against delivery

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How are the items delivered?

1. by Czech Mail

2. by courier service

3. delivery abroad

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To avoid unnecessary delays in making your purchases, we recommend that you register and open a My ArtBohemia customer account.

My ArtBohemia customer account

Every customer who wants to shop or auction must have an active customer account with My ArtBohemia. One advantage of the customer account is that all your subsequent sign-ins will be automated.

When you log in to your My ArtBohemia account, you may view your orders and bids. The customer account includes a special setting where you can choose whether you want:


  • to add to favorites the artist whose work you have purchased, and all his/her works
  • to add to favorites the artist whose work you have bid for, and all his/her work
  • to be informed when a new work by a particular artist appears in the gallery
  • to be informed a day before the auction of a particular work of art starts
  • to be informed an hour before the auction of a particular work of art starts

Your customer account can help us to support your trading and collecting activities, and to respond to your requirements more flexibly. The customer account is activated by registration.

How to register

Under Act No. 26/2000 Coll. on Public Auctions, it is our duty to identify the participants in the Auction: the Bidders. During free-of-charge registration, each new bidder must fill in a registration form, which consists of several steps. Your must state complete and true data of your identity: name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and choose your own user name and password. After completion of the form, the user will receive a message on his/her e-mail address, which he/she shall verify by clicking, and then the registration is activated. For each subsequent login to the ArtBohemia system, the user shall use his/her user name and password. Each user can only register once; the data in the registration cannot be corrected / modified. By taking this step, the participant in the auction indicates consent to the ArtBohemia internet auction gallery business terms and conditions, and, according to Act No. 101/200 of the Collected Laws of the Czech Republic, agrees with his data being processed for the purpose of obtaining information on projects, current and planned.

Activation of the customer account (verification of registration data) is automated, but still may take some time. During such delays, the items required by you may have been purchased by another user who has registered before you. The registration is, of course, free, and nobody forces you to buy anything.

Without registration, you are free to search for products and explore the site, but cannot purchase anything or participate in the auction.

What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your customer account password our automated system will send it to you immediately - upon basic identification (stating your e-mail address) to the e-mail address stated.

How to search in ArtBohemia internet auction gallery

For browsing the sites of our internet auction gallery ArtBohemia, you may use the menu bar at the top of each page - you will find it on all sites you browse. If you are looking for a specific artist or work, you may proceed in several ways, since menu and panels are interconnected, and you can use them to move between individual sectors of ArtBohemia internet auction gallery.

On the left hand side of the dark blue bar at the top of the page, you will find the options: How to Bid, How to shop, Terms and Conditions, Contact us, Your comments and About us.

On the right hand side of the dark blue bar at the top of the page, you will find the options: Advanced search, Artists and Techniques.

In the blue search bar, you may search using drop-down menus for:

  • Artist
  • Name of the work
  • Movement/Period/Style
  • Genre
  • Year from-to
  • Technique
  • Minimum price
  • Maximum price

and choose to have the results arranged by

  • Artist
  • Year
  • Price
  • View
  • Time Listed

If, on the other hand, you only want to make your search more targeted, the system of the ArtBohemia internet auction gallery gives you the opportunity to specify by:

Category (section GALLERY, in the left-hand vertical panel)

  • prints
  • paintings
  • drawings
  • posters
  • photography
  • ex libris
  • bibliophilia
  • books/catalogues
  • antiques
  • statues/sculptures
  • glass

Movement/Period/Style (in the horizontal search bar):

  • abstract
  • art-deco
  • Czech avant-garde
  • expressionism
  • fauvism
  • impressionism
  • cubism
  • naive art
  • op-art
  • poetism
  • pop-art
  • realism
  • art-deco
  • social critic
  • contemporary art
  • surrealism
  • world avant-garde
  • School of Prof. Albin Brunovsky
  • School of Prof. Zdenek Sklenar

Genre (in the horizontal search bar):

  • abstract motive
  • nudes/erotic
  • architecture/urbanism
  • bible
  • decorative art
  • nursery
  • figurative
  • gastronomy
  • humor/caricature
  • landscape/ country motive
  • flowers/botanic
  • fashion/costumes
  • music
  • portrait
  • pragensia
  • sport
  • technology
  • typography/ornament
  • still-life
  • animals/zoology

We realize that any compartmentalization in art - and elsewhere - is misleading; the above specifications are only an auxiliary tool.

We recommend: mark all categories for search.

AUCTION - contains information on the auction currently in process

My ArtBohemia - your pages with your customer account:

  • Sign-up data
  • my set-up
  • my favorite artists
  • my favorite works
  • my orders
  • auctions planned
  • my auction
  • log off


INFO - find the most recent information here:

  • our recent acquisitions
  • our tips
  • our discounts / specials
  • your Top 20
  • our news

How to shop

To make shopping in the Gallery easier, we have created simple instructions - we believe that you will quickly learn how to shop in the Gallery. Please proceed as follows:

How to search

To search for an item you can also use the left hand panel in Gallery, which specifies individual categories: prints, paintings, drawings, posters, photographs, exlibris, bibliophilia, books / catalogues, antiques, statues / sculptures, glass.

The dark blue bar at the top of the page offers the option Advanced search. If you have selected the appropriate features, you can click on the Select field in the right hand top corner, or press Enter on your keyboard. If you want to cancel the combination of features on the bar, click on the Clear on the top right. The beauty of our "puzzle" searching system consists in the possibility to combine various features to match your inquiry.

If you have found an item you are interested in, you may want to obtain more information about the author and his/her work by clicking on the picture (each can be viewed in three sizes) or its name. If you have decided to buy the item, click the Add to basket icon with a picture of a shopping basket. A page with a detailed description of the item and structured price will appear. At this point your order is still not binding and you may cancel it at any time. Because of the character of the pieces offered, it is not possible to offer a number of identical objects at the same time, thus a reservation icon with a picture of lock and a description Blocked will appear at the item, instead of the Basket icon.

There are pros and cons to shopping in the Gallery and in the Auction sections: in Gallery shopping the rule is "first come first served", while in Auction it is "the highest bid takes all"

How to order

If you are a registered customer of the ArtBohemia internet auction gallery and have an active My ArtBohemia customer account, please sign up with your user name and password. The ordering process is structured in several steps, in each of which you specify your requirements. While ordering you also choose the manner of payment and delivery of the item. You confirm the order by clicking on the icon Cash register - the last but one step; after this, the order becomes binding.

How to use the Basket

The Basket is used (just as in a supermarket) to gather items which you want to buy in the Gallery. You can place an unlimited number of items in the Basket. After placing items you want in the Basket, you proceed to the Cash Register to create the order.

In the Basket, you can see the following columns:

  • Item - details about the selected item (author, name, technique, year)
  • Price - price of the selected item
  • Gallery commission, including VAT= 19%
  • Copyright fee - only for items over CZK 30,000.00
  • Price total - total price of the content of the Basket. Packaging of CZK 90 and shipment / postage costs depending on the manner of delivery you select will be added to the price.

What is the copyright fee?

The amended Copyright Act (No.121/2000 Coll.) obliges an intermediary in the sale of works of art to pay a fee to a collective administrator of the proprietary copyrights of the author who has created the work of art being sold. The fee is stipulated by the Act only for items in excess of CZK 30,000.00 and amounts to:

  • a) 5 % of selling price from CZK 30 000 to CZK 150 000
  • b) 4 % of selling price from CZK 150 000 to CZK 1 500 000
  • c) 3 % of selling price from CZK 1 500 000 to CZK 7 500 000
  • d) 2 % of selling price over CZK 7 500 000

This is the amount we have to pay to the administrator of copyright; it is not a commission levied by the ArtBohemia internet auction gallery.

How to add items to the Basket

If you want to buy more items in the Gallery, you can continue to search and add items by clicking the Add to basket icon with the picture of a shopping basket. At the same time the total content of Basket in the field Price Total is automatically recalculated. When you have placed the item(s) you wish to buy in the Basket, click the Cash Register icon. At this point your order is still not binding.

How to remove items from the Basket

If you decide you don't want to buy individual items in the Basket, click the icon showing the basket and Remove label, and the item will be returned to the Gallery. At the same time the total content of Basket in the field Price Total is automatically recalculated.

If you are not interested in any of the items in the Basket, click on the icon Empty the basket on the left hand side at the bottom.

In both cases the item will be returned to Gallery; the reservation icon (lock) at the item in Gallery will disappear, and the item will be offered again for sale to other interested parties.

Important: the Basket is emptied after 24 hours so items are not blocked for other participants. When this is done, the customer is informed by e-mail a day later. Intentional blocking of an item is against the Terms and Conditions of ArtBohemia internet auction gallery, and in case of repeated blocking an item, the user may be excluded from any shopping activities at our ArtBohemia server.

Since our website offers also items from "bricks and mortar" galleries, it may happen that the work you order has just been sold, but the gallery operator failed to inform us in time. In such cases we apologize for your inconvenience; we take it as our failure and will make efforts to obtain a similar or identical item for you in the chain of our galleries. You will be kept informed by e-mail.

How to pay - auction and gallery

1. Payment in advance

a) bank transfer

You may pay your order by bank transfer from your account to:

beneficiary: Vilem Stransky, Druzicova 14/983, 161 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
account number: 2600090408/2010
beneficiary´s bank: FIO banka, Osvobozenych politickych veznu 379, 272 01 Kladno
IBAN: CZ4420100000002600090408


b) Western Union (we recommend this procedure)

We definitely have the best experience with this manner of payment. After we work out the total and send you the invoice, you can make a local currency payment via Western Union money transfer to my address:
Dr. Vilem Stransky
Druzicova 14/983
161 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic
We can collect CZK cash just minutes after you complete the transaction. It's very easy, fast and trouble-free. All we need to know is your address and WU Money Transfer Control Number [MTCN]. In both cases, the payment has to be made within 5 days from the date of sale! We will dispatch the package to you immediately, as a Printed Matter marked as a gift (Cadeau). If the agreement between Czech Mail and postal service in your country permits, we will insure the shipment.

2. Payment upon delivery

a) in cash

You pay for your order in cash when it is delivered to you by the courier service. It is also necessary to bear in mind the price of the courier service.

b) payment to the postal service against delivery (we recommend this procedure in Czech Republic)

You pay for your order when it is delivered to you by the postal service. If you choose this manner of payment, we charge a fee for the payment-against-delivery service, including insurance (refer to the price list of Czech Mail).

Unless you provide a different address where you want the item to be delivered, we will ship it to the address stated in your registration form.

How do I find out the status of my order?

Once you make an order, you may monitor its status in My ArtBohemia, My orders. This screen shows the status / stage of each order, while any change in the status is also notified to you by e-mail. The speed of delivery of the order depends on the manner of payment and delivery chosen. We dispatch the goods ordered immediately after payment has been made and within 3 working days at the latest. Dispatching may take longer in cases where the item is located in a bricks and mortar gallery.

How can the items be delivered?

a) Czech Mail
b) EMS Service
c) Ordering Abroad

1. Czech Mail

The ordered goods will be delivered to the address specified by you as an insured parcel (we recommend this procedure). It will be handed over to you by a postman at the address, if he/she finds you there, or you will collect it the post office, having received a Notice of Delivery.


2. EMS service

Another possibility is EMS service, which is faster and more expensive; it is similar to a courier service. The ordered items will be delivered to you directly to the specified address. EMS service only operates in reasonably large cities.

3. Ordering abroad

in view of higher costs and possible customs duties, we arrange this on a case-by-case basis.

How much is postage and packaging?

Postage and packaging are added to the price paid by the Buyer. Due to the character of the shipments, we charge a uniform packaging fee of CZK 90.00. The postage is set by the current price lists of Czech Mail and courier services. We insure the shipments for the price you pay.

What is the operator´s commission?

In addition to the final price, the Gallery charges a commission, including VAT, of 19%, according to § 90 of Act No. 235/2004 Coll. on Value Added Tax.

What discounts are available?

Though the prices of the works offered are mostly lower than in bricks and mortar galleries, ArtBohemia offers two types of discounts to its customers.

Quantity discount

This discount is based on the total amount of Gallery and Auction orders you made.

CZK 20.000,-   2%
CZK 50.000,-   4%
CZK 100.000,-   6%
CZK 200.000,-   8%
CZK 300.000,-   10%


Our sales / special offers

These are extraordinary discounts on selected items offered by ArtBohemia. The discount is always for a limited time; you have the opportunity to get items 50% - 80% cheaper than is usual on the art market - often these are items that, for example, have returned from an exhibition with damage to the frame, etc.

We also organize spring sales, summer sales, Christmas sales and other seasonal or occasional sales.

How to share your joy with a friend

If you want to share your happiness about a work of art you have bought, use a Mail to Friend icon (envelope) which you find among the details about every item. We recommend that you write a brief note or, at least state your name in the field provided for that purpose, so that the recipient does not think the message is spam (the message will be from